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Creating and Packaging Your Network

What file format should I send?

Vector artwork is the best, but bitmaps will also work!

Sending Vector Artwork
Vector artwork is created in a drawing program such as Illustrator, FreeHand or Corel Draw. It’s best to send your vector artwork as an EPS file. Otherwise, send documents that are saved in any of the file formats shown below:

Adobe Illustrator (up to CS1)
Macromedia FreeHand (up to FreeHand MX)
Corel Draw (up to version X3)

Convert any fonts used in your file to outlines. This will avoid any font defaults or conflicts when we output the file. (In FreeHand, the command is “Convert to Paths”; in Illustrator use “Create Outlines”; in Corel Draw it is “Convert to Curves”)

If the artwork contains any imported files, then these files should also be sent to us. Make sure that all the correct versions of all images are linked to their correct placement in your output file. If you have any questions, just give us a call!

Sending Bitmap Artwork Files
If you are sending a bitmap file (bmp, tif, JPEG) then we need as high a resolution as you can send us – at least 300 dpi. (GIF files are not recommended)

If you send us a file that is only 72 dpi we will not be able to use it. (Graphics from Internet websites are usually 72 dpi and are not suitable for reproduction)

Compressing The Files
If you want to compress the files, use either Zip or Stuffit compression software. Compressing the files that you send can sometimes protect the integrity of the files as they travel to us through the email process.